Sending my love

Gathering it up
Like a half forgotten
Knitting project,

Tangled, caught up -
How do I untangle,
Smooth out.

Put into words,
What you have meant?
What there is to say?

Set it adrift
In the space
Empty of contact,

I put it to one side
Too difficult to
Unravel and release.

Short of words,
I turn aside
Tucking the bundle away.

Sending my love

It circles and hovers
Tentatively but finds
Nowhere to roost.

A stripling offered
Waits in the air
But is not taken.

Cursory words offered,
What else
Would be said?

A brief exchange
Of uttered sentiment

Shows a gap
Green growth
Cannot span.

The fresh words
Will fade

Sending my love

It will not
Bring you closer
A meeting sooner

But then is rekindled
A fleeting moment
Added to the story

You mattered once
You matter now,
Though different.

In these new times
You are still a piece
Of the me I've built.

Not a careful construction
But a throwing together
And you stuck.

And so I am
Sending my love
Back to you.