Indexed DB Performance Stats - deleting object stores

Read the blog post or see the source code.

(Keep this tab focussed! Recording takes ~10 minutes.)

Each record has a short key, and a medium-sized value (an object with a 1000-character string and a number).

Deleting an object store with no index

Deleting an object store with an index

Clearing then deleting an object store with an index

Note: when this is slow, the vast majority of the time is spent in clear, and delete is fast (< 1 second).

Results code

To measure your own device, choose "My device" from the drop-down at the top of the page and click "Record my stats".

If you have results for a different platform, please paste the code below into a new issue at Explain what browser, operating system and architecture (e.g. Intel, M1, Raspberry Pi) you are using. Thanks!